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Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank The HUB@75
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White City Community Centre India Way  -   London W12 7QT.
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Marley Billing-Delapenha

Chair of the Youth Committee, Masbro Youth Club

Masbro Youth Club

Dear Neighbours,

My name is Marley Billing-Delapenha, I am the Chair of the Youth Committee at Masbro Youth Club based in the Masbro Centre on Millson Road, and am also running for the LBHF Youth Parliament this year so that I can advocate as best as possible for local young people.

I care deeply about my community and I am writing to you to connect in these uncertain times, to let you know that we are thinking of you and to give you information on what our community centre is doing at the moment that may help you or others that you know in the community.

Contact number for Masbro Youth Club:
07525 815251

Clap For Carers

Thursday 9th April! 8pm

Clap For Our Carers is now taking place on a weekly basis. This week some of our little ones  make  BIG noise! See  the video-->

Here is everything you need to know and how you can show your support by getting involved next week. -->  click  

The movement was launched by Dutch Londoner Annemarie Plas, who felt inspired after seeing a similar tribute to health workers take place in her homeland of the Netherlands.


Keep Calm, Stay Safe and Support Our Community

Masbro Children & Family Services:  For Story Time with Kayleigh, click the video below. For more stories, go to our Masbro  YouTube Channel.


Today on Story Time

Kayleigh reads The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Story time is  a fun time for kids and a relaxing time for parents and carers.  Make yourself a cup of tea, sit with the little ones, listen to Kayleigh  and enjoy!


Support is available. Please see our contact information below. Someone will get back to you.


Masbro Centre
87 Masbro Rd
W14 0LR
Tel: 020 7605 0800


Edward Woods
Community Centre
60-70 Norland Rd
W11 4TX
Tel: 020 7603 2324


Flora Gardens
Children’s Centre
Dalling Rd
W6 0UD
Tel: 020 8741 7892


White City Community Centre
India Way
W12  7QT
Tel: 020 743 4545


Charecroft Community &
Maternity Champions
Charecroft Hall,
Rockley Rd
W12 8PQ
Tel: 07921 404873

More helpful Information here. Updates to follow.

Whilst the Masbro Centre is closed the
services are still operating. We have fantastic online resources for you to use during this difficult time so you don’t feel completely isolated. For more information contact the numbers adjacent and stay connected!

Youth Club: 07525 815251
Elders Project: 07800 778245
Confident Parent Happy Child: 07732 681739
Children's Centres: 07803 204849
All Other Enquiries: 0207 605 0800

How do I help my community?

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK

In response to the government’s call out for volunteers-

Click here for more infomation.

Remember that there are people in our communities who might want to participate in mutual aid without providing the sort of identification documents that are necessary to engage with the government’s scheme, particularly during a time of uncertainty regarding the extent of policing we are likely to see in our communities.

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There are also situations where people seeking help may not feel comfortable or safe accessing government support, but would feel happy receiving support from ordinary people in their communities.

We encourage local groups to keep organising independently from government structures, continuing to follow rigorous hygiene and safeguarding practice and to communicate between each-other to learn and develop community solidarity structures during a time of very uneven support from official bodies.

To find your local mutual aid group, go here

Updates from Cllr Stephen Cowan

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