New  class starting on Thursdays  7:45-9:15pm at the Masbro

San Shou Kuan is a practical Chinese martial art that incorporates traditional forms, competitive fighting and weapons training (for the senior students). A typical class incorporates warm up and stretching; drills, group and individual coaching, pad work, free and fixed sparring.  Examinations occur every quarter and there are numerous competitions to enter. San Shou Kuan is an active member of the British Chinese Council of Martial Arts.

This class suits mature teenagers and adults whether complete beginners or experienced martial artist.  The aim of the class is help you master this discipline.  If you are looking for purposeful training then come and join Peter Kennedy on Thursdays 7:45-9:15pm at the Masbro.

Peter Kennedy 6th Degree Black Belt San Shou Kuan (07446 037467).
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