Whether it’s a game about eye contact, an exercise to focus attention or an improvisation about making friends and understanding others, we’ll put your child at the centre of everything we do.  This means that children, which go to Perform, tend to stand out in a crowd. They’re that little bit more personable and self-assured. More confident in their abilities. More enthusiastic about trying new things. They’re also more relaxed in social situations, more articulate in conversation and, as a result, often do better in the classroom.

How Perform is different from other children’s performance classes and activities. Click here.

Specifically, Perform classes

– develop what we call The 4 Cs –  confidenceconcentrationcommunication and coordination;
– encourage confident and fluent speaking;
– boost reading and writing abilities;
– enhance physical skills including coordination, agility and poise;
– inspire a colourful imagination;
– help your child make friends easily and interact well with their peers and adults.

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