Urban Partnership Group Employment Support service consists of two programmes the Sweet Project and the Career Enhancement Project. We can help you with CV writing, job searches, job applications, securing interviews, interview preparation, getting suitable clothing for interviews, training and work experience.
Employment support at UPG Community Centres, Hammersmith & Fulham

The Sweet Project

The SWEET project is designed to help women make changes in their lives and achieve their goals. It helps women from ethnic minorities in West London who would like to get a full or part time job or at least to take the first steps towards getting a job, for example by starting some training or doing a work placement. The Project is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.


Your own personal adviser
Free, friendly, confidential, one to one appointments
Help to generate a good CV
Encouragement to develop your skills and confidence
Help with English, if you need it
Links to full and part time jobs
Informed guidance to find the right training course or small business start-up
Friendly groups with other women
Workshops within the community
A little extra help with childcare and clothes

These are the community leaders of the future!

If you are interested please contact:
Nina Dove – Senior Employment Advisor
07712 527359
0207 605 0800

Career Enhancement Project

Job applications Urban Partnership Group , Hammersmith & Fulham

Are you on a Zero hour contract ? Or are you on a minimum wage job and looking for a better paid Job?

The Career Enhancement Project may be able to help. We can help you improve your CV, look for new jobs, and help in interview preparation or if you think you may need training in new areas or upskilling your current skills we can help you find training opportunities. This project is for men and women living in West London who are currently working but are on low pay and want to move on.

If you are interested please contact:

Rosemarie Hayden
020 7605 0116

This project is funded by Trust for London

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