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Parenting can be difficult at times as well as rewarding, and while none of us have all the answers, ''Confident Parent Happy Child" is here to help.

Confident Parent Happy Child is a free service for parents and carers living in Hammersmith and Fulham with a baby, child or teenager up to the age 18 years (25 years if a child/young person has a special educational need and/or disability).


Parenting Project Manager
M. 07713 077 565
E. ushma@upg.org.uk

Deputy Parenting Project Manager
M. 07732 681 739
E. seetal@upg.org.uk

The CPHC NEW Summer Programme now available.


Sign up for some of our popular evidence-based parenting programmes such as Triple P, About Boys Course, Incredible Years (baby programme) and Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme.

1-2-1 Parenting Support available for parents of teenagers.

Please click 'download programme' to see new courses.  For more information email ushma@upg.org.uk or seetal@upg.org.uk

About Boys Course

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A six  to eight week programme for parents/carers who have a child between 0-12 years of age.

Introductory session
03.11.2020 thereafter
every Tuesday
9.45 – 11.45pm

Contact Seetal Tank
07732 681739


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Limited crèche places
available for children under 5
years of age. Booking required.

Every Tuesday
starting 22.09.2020
9.45am – 11.45am

Contact Seetal Tank
07732 681739


SFSC-1280 B

One off topic specific workshops for parents/carers.


Parenting Children with Additional
Needs – places must be booked before
zoom link can be sent 05.11.2020
10.30 – 11.30am
Contact - Seetal Tank
07732 681739


Sleep Management 23.11.2020
10.00 – 12.00pm
Contact - Marina Kopanja
07740 752679


See programme for more.


A 13 week programme for parents/carers who have a child between 0-18 years
of age. Parents are introduced to a range of strategies to enhance children’s
behaviour and build positive parent child relationships. The programme explores
the impact of family, culture and community influences and explores how to keep
children and young people safe.


Masbro Centre
87 Masbro Road
W14 0LR

Contact: Seetal Tank
07732 681739


An interactive 8-week group for parents with babies 0-12mths, the programme supports parents to build strong loving relationships with their babies.


Every Monday
starting 28.09.2020
10.00 – 12.00pm

Marina Kopanja
07740 752679


One to One Support by
appointment & referrals only
A broadly focused parenting support intervention on a one-to-one basis for parents of
teenagers up to 16 years. Learning ways to encourage positive behaviour for teens, and teach
them new skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution, and self-regulation.


Masbro Centre
87 Masbro Road
W14 0LR

For more details contact:

Seetal Tank
07732 681739



Monthly coffee morning for all parents delivered virtually via Zoom

A group for parents and carers to meet and share parenting experiences, useful tips and strategies.  Guest speakers in attendance sharing useful information and resources.

Last Wednesday of every month at 10.30am.  January 27th,  February 25th, March 31st.

For information and bookings contact Seetal 07732681739 or email seetal@upg.org.uk

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Check out how our parenting programmes are helping local families improve their relationships with their children
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I have learnt so many different things, new things which I didnt know. Before when I was stressed I used to cry, since attending the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme I have learnt ways to manage my stress levels.

Parent attending the SFSC Course

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“I started attending the About Boys Course, and met many parents in the same situation as me, it felt good to learn it was not only me feeling the way I did. I started using the session techniques and things started to change for me and my son.”

Parent attending the About Boys Course

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I was expecting the sessions to be more like a lectureI was pleasantly surprised they were notReally appreciated the openness of the group and parents sharing their experiences, it was nice to hear other peoples points of view.


Parent attending the Speak Easy Course