UPG is running a project to support the council’s Climate and Ecology Strategy. The Sustainability Champions pilot aims to engage with residents and enable the wider community to come together as part of peer networks to make climate action tangible, personal and positive.

The project will operate in hyper-local areas and harness the assets and people-strengths that already exist within the borough. In particular, the Sustainability Champions will target groups that are likely to be most impacted by climate change and have less of a voice so far.

We are looking for volunteers that can help people connect the dots between their priorities for the neighbourhood and action on climate change. If you are passionate about tackling climate change and enhancing the environment of your local community, please contact our dedicated Project Officer Michelle George, michelleg@upg.org.uk, 07708 48087.

Michele George has joined UPG in April as Project Officer for the Sustainability Champions project. This is a one-year pilot commissioned by Hammersmith and Fulham Council to engage residents in climate and ecological emergency action at hyper-local level. Particularly those most likely to be impacted by climate change, building on residents’ strengths and skills to champion local action.

Michelle is a local resident and was an active member of the Community Champions team in Charecroft Community Hall. Prior to lockdown, she was the lead volunteer running gardening activities for volunteers and local families.  She is also a Learning Programme Teacher with Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.